Alan and Jonna's Honeymoon Trip to Tasmania

Although we were married in September of 2000, we decided to take our honeymoon trip over December 2000 - January 2001. We wanted to go somewhere with lots of natural settings and few crowds. Tasmania came highly recommended by Alan's family. We rented a camper-van for three weeks, bought a map and drove all around the island.

Here are some of our photos from the trip:

1) Our first night in Tasmania was spent in this little motel just north of Hobart. We shared the place with a few flocks of ducks and geese who lived in the bay out back.

2) Jonna and the van overlooking Tasman Sea, near Copping.

3) This isn't a set from Jurasic Park, its a nature hike through the Wielangta State Forest, off a little dirt road loop we drove between Copping and Orford.

3) Jonna near a LARGE log bridge on a rainforest hike we did on our first day out of Hobart. Without any reference, you can't tell that the logs are around six foot in diameter!

3) Our first night outside Hobart we found a great little camping spot in a roadside park near Triabunna. We opened the back hatch of the van and had ocean spray drift in from the waves.

4) The view down onto the beach at Wineglass Bay from a hike we did inside Freycinet National Park. It was the day before New Year's Eve (the middle of summer there) and the park was empty. What a contrast to, say, Yellowstone here in the states in the middle of July.

5) We did another hike just north of Freycinet which gave this inpressive view down the rocky coastline. The same white beach at Wineglass Bay is barely visible in the middle of the picture.

6) Many mornings began with the sound of wild parrots in trees next to the van. Here we were camping nera Sisters Beach on the north shore of Tasmania.

6) Jonna standing at the base of "The Big Tree", a giant stringybark tree in the South Arthur Forest on the north coast near Smithton.

7) we did a hike to this "honeycomb" waterfall at "Dip Falls", also in the South Arthur Forest near Smithton. The hexagonal shape was caused by cooling volcanic lava which fractured turned into these columns of basalt.

8) Jonna sleeping in the back of the van at one of our numerous seaside camping spots, this one at Wynyard.

9) We did an incredible four mile rainforest hike along Lake St. Clair, part of the Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park. As elsewhere in Tasmania, the National Parks were beautiful, cheap and deserted.

10) Wallaby's could be found scrounging for food at every campground. These were around our camper in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair campsite.

11) We visited Port Arthur, the old English penal colony and did a guided tour of the graveyard.

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