Alan and Jonna's trip to Mesa Verde, CO.

For a weekend getaway we rode our new motoryccle down to Cortez, Colorado where we met up with our friends Bill & Tracy at Kelly Place. The next day we all visited Mesa Verde National Park where we visited two different areas within the park - the famous Cliff Palace and the Far View House. It was a fun weekend catching up with our friends.

Here are some of our photos from the trip.

1) Sun set at Kelly Place after our long ride down.

2) Mesa Verde is a fascinating place to visit and the Cliff Palace is the highlight of hte park. It is also the most crowded but it is still well worth the visit. We hiked the trail over and walked through the main site seeing all the rooms, kivas and towers.

3) In addition to walking there was also climbing involved to navigate the different levels of the Cilff Palace.

4) It was hot so finding the shade under the overhanging rock was appreciated!

5) Kelly Place is an amazing place. It is a good B&B but the land around it contains active archeological sites so in addition to the comfortable rooms, good food and scenery you can also visit sites which are being researched to understand the earlier people who lived in this area.

6) Our new motorcycle worked great. It was comfortable, power and easy to ride. We look forward to many more long trips together on this bike.

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