Alan and Jonna's Summer vacation to Alaska

...Up to the great, wide, untouched north. We went to Alaska in July of 2003. Not only did we see many natural wonders, we visited with Alan's Aunt Mavis and Uncle Howard, along with their family.

Here are some of our photos from the trip.

1) Oscar Gill Bed 'n Breakfast in Anchorage. We arrived at 8:30pm and found the home owner out cleaning the windows. Our first glimpse of life with 23 hours of sunlight.

2) Flowers grow prolifically in Anchorage with so many hours of sunlight in the summer.

3) Jonna and Alan on the shores of the Kenai river.

4) The old Independence gold mine site at Hatcher Pass, now a state park.

5) Mavis and Howard giving us a tour of Long Lake.

6) Sunset at midnight from the deck at Mavis and Howard's cabin on Long Lake.

7) View from Doug Geeting Aviation's Cessna on the flight to Mt. Denali/McKinnley.

8) Closer to the top of Denali.

9) Glaciers cascading down from high up on the top of Denali.

10) Jonna before she gets air sick!

11) Looking down into deep, water filled cravases in the snow fields of Denali.

12) The path of the Ruth river below the end of the Ruth Glacier.

13) Looking down onto the winding shape of the Ruth River on the flight back to Talkeetna.

14) Looking up the Teklanika River and into the mountains north of Denali National Park.

15) Mt. Denali from inside Denali National Park.

16) Wonder Lake is the end of the road and the halfway point of the eleven hour bus ride. Sadly, the camera doesn't have fine enough resolution to show the swarms of mosquitos living at the lake!

17) Momma grizzly next to our tour bus in Denali National Park.

18) Looking up to the top of the tram at the Prince Alyeska Resort.

19) The view down onto Turnagain Arm from 2,300 ft up Mt. Alyeska as seen from the Alyeska Tram observation deck.

20) Jonna and Alan at Portage Glacier, on the way to Whittier.

21) We took a kayak trip with Alaska Sea Kayakers in Whittier. We paddled over to this laterfall and rookery just across the sound from Whittier. There were thousands of black tipped kittiwakes nesting on this cliff.

22) Jonna reading our Nederland paper on a glacier tour on Prince William Sound. Behind her is Harvard Glacier, one of 23 "named" glaciers we saw on our whirlwind boat trip.

23) Alan waiting for Harvard Glacier to calve.

24) Sea otters stare back at us while floating on Prince William Sound at Surprise Glacier.

25) Jonna with the forteen story Begich Tower of Whittier in the background. Nearly all 200 the town's citizens live in the 1950s era military building, now converted into apartments. The Junes' B-n-B, which we stayed in, is located on the top floor.

26) Whittier - the armpit of Alaska. Its too expensive to ship out scrap metal so it just piles up at the ports.

27) Mavis and Howard's house in Anchorage from the city park across the street.

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