Alan and Jonna's weekend trip to visit Holley in Boston, MA

We wanted to see some of the east coast and visit our friend Holly. In March of 2003 we left Nederland after a large snowstorm (6 ft in 24 hours) to explore "Bean Town" and its surroundings.

Here are some of our photos from the trip.

1) The snow on our deck during the snow storm.

2) Jonna standing at the door of our garage with the wall of snow behind her while the snow is still falling.

3) Jonna on a short hike at Halibut Point State Park.

4) Holly at Babson Farm Quarry in Halibut Point State Park.

5) Jonna and Holly on the rocks overlooking the Atlantic Ocean at Halibut Point State Park.

6) Jonna and Alan on the rocks at Halibut Point State Park with Rockport, MA in the background.

7) Jonna at "Old Ironsides", the USS Constitution in Boston harbor.

8) Alan ponders the Thoreau statue at Walden Pond State Park.

9) Jonna and Holly on a hike around a frozen Walden Pond.

10) Jonna and some of the local ducks at the Old North Bridge in the Minute Man National Historic Park at Concord, MA.

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