Jonna and Alan's trip to Yosemite

this will eventually be a write-up on Alan and Jonna's Yosemite weekend.

Here are some of our favorite photos from our trip to Yosemite:

1) For Alan's birthday Jonna, her brother Jamie, our nephew Larkin and our neice Rosie all went for a hike in Muir Woods. Alan remembered feeling that the place was awesome when we first visited years ago and he found it just as magical this time. These massive redwoods, towering over a peaceful stream, are just incredible.

2) Here are Jonna, Larkin and Rosie at the base of one of the side trails. Despite Muir Woods being a busy national park, we had a quiet hike for about an hour before rejoining the main trail and it's steady stream of people.

3) One more photo from Muir Woods, another looking up the tall redwood trunks.

4) The next day Alan, Jonna and Larkin drove up to Yosemite to spend the weekend. We followed the teeming masses up to the bottom of Yosemite Falls and then bouldered up to the pool at the base of the lower falls. It was fun to just play around on the rocks.

5) Larkin bouldering and climbing on some large rocks near the base of Yosemite Falls.

6) The water in the pool was *cold*. Still, after an hour of rock climbing, Larkin was hot enough to get took awhile to get up the courage but he eventually plunged in. After about 15 minutes he was turning blue!

7) In the evening, we took a long, pleasant walk from the base of Yosemite Falls to our platform tent in the Curry Village camp ground. This photo was taken as we crossed the valley floor with Half Dome in the background towering above Jonna and Larkin.

8) Jonna took this photo of one of the old stone bridges near Curry Village camp ground.

9) Smoky haze in the valley from a large forest fire just outside the park entrance.

10) Jamie launches Rosie while swimming at Mirror Lake.

11) Jamie and Rosie in the pool at the base of Yosemite falls. This was the same COLD water that Larkin braved the day before. The Sherrill-McGrath family was of the few who braved the water.

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