Jonna's Birthday trip to Portland, OR

Despite living in Colorado, Jonna is a beach and water person at heart. For her birthday she decided that Portland was calling her name. Time to see some dear friends and family who live in Oregon and well past time for her to visit a beach/wet environment. The trip was all that she had hoped for.

Here are some of our favorite photos from the trip (each photo is a thumbnail linked to a higher quality picture.):

1) Scandanavian breakfast at Broder with dear friend (and new naturopath!) Sarah Larson.

2) It was rainy and windy at Cannon Beach but Jonna had to get in her beach "fix". How windy you might ask? All the white stuff in this photo is foam blown up from the breakers and billowing across the beach.

3) Jonna and Sarah with big smiles at Cannon Beach. The imposing shape in the background is Haystack Rock.

4) In Jonna's opinion, a beach on a cold and wet day is better than being landlocked on a good day. This is the view down the beach at Ecola State Park.

5) A great gathering of friends and family. We put out the call for a group hike in Forest Park in Portland. Pictured from L to R: Tonya McCulley, Taylor Grover, Sarah Larson, Lesa Ricci, Jonna Fleming, Alan Fleming, Lorri Carney and Dean Woodward.

6) In contrast to dry Colorado, Forest Park was the epitome of wet and lush.

7) Alan's Cousin Taylor at the Witches Castle, an old stone building located in Portland's Forest Park.

8) Sarah and Jonna together again in Forest Park, also at the Witches Castle. It is like the miles that separate them never existed.

9) Panorama of the trees on the Wildwood Trail in Forest Park.

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