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Monday, December 6, 2004

Why you should go see Cosy Sheridan…

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As a lot of folks already know I’m an avid fan of nearly any kind of music. The best way I’ve found to hear live music is at a house concert, where someone invites a musician to come perform in their living room. The singer-songwriter/folk scene is exploding with house concerts right now and I have a few friends here in Colorado that host them.

Last night Jonna and I went to hear Cosy Sheridan at our friends Greg and Debbie Ching’s house (the Aspen Meadows House Concert Series). I’ve seen Cosy plenty of times over the past ten years and this show was as good as any past performance.

Cosy Promo shot

Cosy is an amazing lyricist and performer. Her songs range from gut-wrenching to hysterical. One of her concerts is like an emotional roller coaster. One minute you’re laughing uncontrollably, the next you are in stunned silence. She understands how to share intimate, heart-rending truths, then change the mood to something light and humorous, crafting the concert into something memorable, cathartic and enjoyable. (In addition to her concerts, she also has a one woman play, part narrative part song, called “The Pomegranate Seed” which is incredible.)

If you are really lucky, you may get to see her perform with her partner T.R. Ritchie who is another equally impressive singer-songwriter, as they sometimes tour together.

There are a lot of house concerts in the Colorado area but that is just part of a national trend. If you’re interested in catching one it shouldn’t be hard to find one in nearly any part of the country.

[image from Cosy Sheridan web site]

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